About Us
Spa & Wellness Week Barbados' founder, Margaret King, producer/organizer of Barbados Chocolate & Pastry Festival and former nurses' registry manager, is on a quest to highlight the many health and wellness services in Barbados to our local audience, but also to an international audience. We all know being treated at a spa or wellness facility can relieve the stresses of everyday life, and treatments should be incorporated as not just a once in a while thing, but as part of a healthy lifestyle. Spa & Wellness Week Barbados was envisioned to do just that - to help incorporate health and wellness by making it part of your life and lifestyle - starting with a cost-effective treatment during Spa & Wellness Week Barbados.

Spa & Wellness Week Barbados is a yearly event that allows you to obtain health and wellness treatments for just BBD$99 (USD$50) during Spa & Wellness Week Barbados. Our objective for Spa & Wellness Week Barbados is to raise awareness of spas, fitness, and wellness centres throughout Barbados. Our aim is to highlight the array of health benefits that may be enjoyed by consumers, thereby encouraging them to include a regular visit to a spa, fitness, or wellness centres as part of an active, healthy lifestyle.

Consumers will register for Spa & Wellness Week Barbados, giving them access to a list of our participating wellness businesses and their offerings for Spa & Wellness Week Barbados. The consumer will then make their appointments during Spa & Wellness Week Barbados directly with the participating business.

Spa & Wellness Week Barbados will take place at spas, fitness centres, salons, and various other health & wellness centres around Barbados, who have partnered with us to offer you a week of discounted treatments. You will be able to choose from a variety of healthy services. 

The next Spa & Wellness Week Barbados will take place annually the last first week in September, which includes Labor Day Weekend. What a great time to treat yourself or a loved one!
Meet The Team
  1. Margaret King
    Event Producer/Organizer President of I'm Impressed Events Background as a Physical Therapy Aide and former Office Manager of a Nurses Registry.
  2. Sarah Layne
    Event Manager Sports Medicine Background
  3. Waveney Clarke
    Event Manager Medical Field Background
  4. Lynette Greaves
  5. Joy Branch
    Administrative Consultant
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(246) 571-9315 Barbados
(203) 539-1076 USA

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